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The best food & waste news at your disposal

January 2016


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Last week at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, a new intiative called Champions 12.3 was announced, aiming to reduce global food waste by 50% by 2030. Additionally, the Rockefeller Foundation announced a $130 million intiative to support these reduction efforts.

One element of this intiative is the development of secondary markets for farmers who can sell perfectly edible but less-than-perfect crops - products we call "ugly but lovely" - rather than throwing them out. This is a great milestone for our movement and great news for Spoiler Alert and its network of suppliers and recipients!

Find more of the month's best content and news below.

Exciting News for Food Donors: Congress Passes Permanent Extension of Enhanced Tax Deductions for Food Donations

Enhanced Tax Deductions for Food Donations

In December, Congress passed an important piece of tax legislation as part of the fiscal year 2016 omnibus budget that aims to increase food donations and prevent wastage by making the enhanced deduction permanent for all businesses. Read more here 

Case Study: Rescued Strawberries Will Be Made Into Jam

Ashley Street Teaching Kitchen recovered a portion of 4,700 pounds strawberries through our platform earlier this month. The East Boston YMCA program will use that rescued fruit in a jam, marmalade, and apple butter making class this Friday. Those in the Boston area can sign up for the event here.


Hear more from Ashley Street Teaching Kitchen and learn why the Director loves using Spoiler Alert:

"While climate change is daunting in its scope, curtailing the massive quantity of food waste we produce is within reach. Spoiler Alert enables us to be part of that solution. It is an irrefutable equation: put unwanted food into the hands, mouths and stomachs of those who are hungry. Spoiler Alert makes the transaction easy, quick, pleasant, and they are enthusiastic to make the experience worthwhile for you."

-- Spoiler Alert User Alexis Daniels, Director of the Ashley Street Teaching Kitchen at the East Boston YMCA

3 Food Recovery & Waste Diversion Goals for 2016


Have you ensured that food waste management is a part of your strategic roadmap for 2016? Here are three concrete resolutions that support food recovery and organic waste diversion at your company, plus helpful articles to inspire your efforts. Read more here

Spoiler Alert CEO Profiled By Georgetown University


Ricky Ashenfelter, Spoiler Alert CEO and Co-Founder, talks with his alma mater - Georgetown University - about startup life, his biggest influencers, and the most useful piece of career advice he's ever received. Read more here

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